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We are a company that sells Vitamin B17, which is originally produced in Mexico. We provide our products throughout USA as well as internationally. Vitamin B17 is also known as Laetrile.

10 years ago, the founders of the company were conducting in-depth research about alternative medicine, particularly ones that were beneficial in cancer treatment. They came across Vitamin B17, whose active component is also known as Amygdalin. Amygdalin has been shown time and again to be very good for health. It was at this time that the founders decided to form a service which would provide Vitamin B17 to people living throughout U.S.A, as well as those living abroad.

The objective is simple: to let people enjoy the benefits of Vitamin B17 at affordable rates and with fast delivery times.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee

Our b17 vitamin


Benefits of vitamin b17

Vitamin B17 has been shown by research to fight cancer cells. When the Vitamin is broken down in the body, hydrogen cyanide is released. This, along with the glucose released by this vitamin, enters into tumor cells and kills them. The Vitamin works best when taken with other Vitamins like A, E and C. thus, this vitamin is a chemotherapeutic agent, without the adverse effects of regular chemotherapy.

It also reduces joint pain in arthritis.

The vitamin helps in keeping the body’s immunity intact. It actually increases the body’s ability to fight infections.


“I was told I had leukemia in July, 2011. I am 57 years old, non-smoker, never sick. I went through 2 sets of Chemo. I had heard about B17….I started taking 1000mg per day of B17, with multi vitamins. …. slowly I started feeling better, wounds would heal and in November, I was doing small things around the house. In Dec. 2012 I was checked. They found nothing in my blood or bone marrow and was told I was in remission. I declined any more Chemo. This is Feb. 2012, and I am still short of breath, but can do minor things.”

This testimonial is from a man suffering from prostate cancer

“I learned from friends where I could get Laetrile treatment. My wife drove the car, the one and one-half-hour drive to the San Francisco Bay area where I received my first injection of Laetrile, October 25, 1973. I was too weak to drive, in fact I passed out in the car both going and returning from these first daily treatments. Improvement was apparent within the days and in about thirty days I was driving the car myself. I was again looking forward to each new sunrise with anticipation of some pleasure in being alive.”

This person had leukemia