Shipments and delivery

Your address:

In order to get your products delivered to you, you need to make sure that you provide us with a correct and exact address. If your address is incomplete and your order does not arrive, our company will not held responsible.

You must also provide a valid phone number so the courier can contact you when he has to make your delivery.

USPS Priority Mail:

We use USPS priority mail for our domestic shipment service. The advantage is that you can track your order online, as you will be provided with a tracking number. Drop off does not require a signature.

Delivery is made within 2 business days. This service is fast, efficient and safe. Your products are handled with care and packed in large boxes, ensuring that they stay safe through the delivery. With this service you can expect to get your package in 2 days, at affordable prices.

Flat rates mean that price is not affected by the weight of the package.

Priority Mail Express:

This is the fastest mode of delivery for domestic shipments. With this service, we guarantee you overnight delivery, after charges are cleared. This service can be availed all-round the year.

If you want your products in a hurry, this is the option to choose. Delivery can be made to almost all U.S addresses, even those with a P.O box address. Again, you can track the order via USPS website.

Priority Mail Express International:

This is international delivery, which is fast and affordable. Delivery can be made to several countries, and you can track your order online. This service is also available 365 days a year. Weighing is not necessary as you will pay a Flat Rate for the products that you are buying.

International shipments are dispatched within 2 days of clearing payments. They may take some time to reach you, due to possible custom clearance delay or because of long distances and slow local post courier in your country.

International shipments are usually slow and expensive. However, with our service you will get fast delivery times at affordable prices. You will be provided with a tracking number, with which you can track your order online via USPS website. This way you know when your shipment will reach you, and what is its current status.

Make sure that you check your custom clearance rules before ordering your products, to ensure that nothing in the rules forbids such items from being imported. We do not cover any custom clearance costs and will not be held responsible if your product is not cleared by your country’s customs. Your order may be delayed if it is held at your country’s custom clearance.

Website where you can track your orders online for international and also domestic orders.