Vitamin b17 Nature's Cancer Prevention

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Many people may have an idea or two about the laetrile, but I'm most definitely certain a larger percentage of people have no single clue what the Vitamin B17 is all about

In the 1970s the FDA altogether banned the Vitamin B17 from the market and equally removed from the B-complex Vitamins, which is why its basically impossible to find in any health care store in the USA. Owing to this ban, health and medical practitioners are not granted the permission to prescribe nor administer this Vitamin to any patient no matter the circumstance.

The Apricot seeds where also banned and removed from the USA markets as they where known to be the major source of Vitamin B17. Owing to this abrupt ban and declaration of it been illegal, the very few researches that where conducted in the 1970s where all archived and bundled up to never be opened again. From the little researches conducted during that short time frame by dedicated nutritionists, medical experts and scientists: vitamin B17 is a natural, chemical compound that expels cyanide molecules only in the presence of Beta-glucosidase a type of enzyme found only in cancer cells.

On a very rare occasion will the cyanide compound be found in other parts of the body together with non-cancer cells, if this poisonous compound is found in such a location, there is another enzyme called the Rhodanese, which can neutralize this substance and turn it into an harmless by-product. Unfortunately for Cancer cells this enzyme is never in site to protect them from this cyanide.

 From the scientific findings, cancer cells exposed to the vitamin B17 are in two very predictable dilemma: Firstly, the presence of the Beta-glucosidase opens up an avenue for the creation of a  poisonous cyanide compound which can kill cancer cells; and secondly, is the absence of the Rhodanese enzyme that is capable of neutralizing the poisonous compound.  This leaves the cancer cells with no other choice but to be extinguished by the cyanide compound; The cyanide has no effect on non-cancer cells, because of the Rhodanese enzyme that is found in excess.

There are Quite a number of foods which contains vitamins B17, if consumed, the body system will utuilize it properly. It's seen as nature's way of warding off cancer; Animals often consume it unknowingly. It is indeed regrettable that in today's medicine it isn't permitted.  

In 1923, The famous M.D. Ernst T. Krebs, Sir., discovered the healing potential of this wonderful vitamin in San Francisco. And in 1952, his sons: Ernst T. Krebs, Jr., PhD and Byron Krebs, M.D. continued their father's good legacy. Together they provided solid inference from their research and procedures working on B17: The cause of cancer is not due to outside attack but an internal malfunctioning of the body organs, tissues, and cells caused by deficiency in the vitamin B17 and trypsin enzymes found in the pancreas. This discovery could have been a big leap and offered an opportunity for evryone to have a fighting chance of preventing and permanently getting rid of cancer for good.

The amygladlin is a  substance gotten from the B17 and it was published in an article in 1833, stating how this substance could cure and prevent various types of diseases.

Years even before Krebs and his sons began their own research, in that reference; Franklin Bache, M.D. and George B. Wood made quite a unique inference. Prunasin and Amygdalin together with trypsin, could provide the body with a preventive shield from cancer and could equally stop it from growing. Which means that the body can create it's own barrier and stop cancer cells from growing if we should start to eat foods with any of the aforementioned nitrilosides. But the reverse will be the case if these substances are totally or partially absent from our body, which is exactly what we are doing today. This leaves us vulnerable to quite a number of deadly diseases including this deficiency disease called cancer. In today's world, most food manufacturers have not a single clue of these nitrilosides, our bad food practices such as deep-freezing, excessive frying etc, that have long been incorporated into our minds, is another reason why cancer still thrives in our lives. Microwave food substitutes, colorie-free, Sugar-free etc., do not contain these nitrilosides.

Aside from the ever present toxicity of our environment as a result of pollution, Natural foods are becoming more and more scarce unlike artificial foods with harmful preservatives and chemicals. The so-called nourishing meals been paraded on ad boards are not as nourishing as they claim to be.

They unveiled the qualities laetrile possessed, their work was considered by many to be unbiased, true and greatly appreciated.

Bache and George conducted several research on the B17, and in one of this research: they noticed that the  combination of vitamin B17, digestive enzymes and vitamin A produced antibodies that fought against breast cancer in lab mice. There was however, tremendous regression in 76% of the mice with mammary glands. From this analysis, it was noted that when the laetrile is used along with digestive enzymes our everyday regular balanced diet and in the presence of vitamin A, yielded the best results.

Ernesto Contreras Sir., M.D. founder of Osas of hope hospital now Contreras Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico; worked explicitly on the laetrile for over 4 decades.

Dr Ernesto administered the laetrile to thousands of patients with cancer, And need I say he had tremendous results.

One of Dr. Ernesto's prominent achievements, was his successful treatment of a man with terminal colon cancer who was completely cured and lived an additional 15 years.  The young man was treated by Dr. Ernesto using Laetrile treatment procedures.

There are quite a number of foods rich in Laetrile. And for convenience sake, I've listed a couple of them below:


 Bamboo sprouts

 Alfalfa sprouts



 Mung bean sprouts

Ground nuts

Garbanzo sprouts

 Apple seeds. Etc.