The Truth about Vitamin B17, Separating B17 Myth From Reality

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Is the B17 an alternative to modern day cancer treatment procedures out there today? A fascinating subject that for many years have not reached a generally acceptable conclusion.

Will it ever replace modern day therapies?   Are there resarches to backup this assertions? We'll unveil to you one of the most comprehensible facts and commentaries from different notable sources on the internet by Editor, Chris Woollams, M.A. Icon, Biochemistry. The controversial topic was reopened in 2014 when research experts (Makarevic et la; PLOSone) showed that adequate in take of the amygdalin(B17) drastically stopped the growth and spread of cancer cells.

Misconceptions and conflict of ideas resurfaced in may 2016, when the Food Standard Authority  (FSA)  talked about banning the sale of Apricot Kernels. And to think that the same Government responsible for adding fluoride in public water supply is even having the abhorring thought of banning something they probably misunderstood is truly pathetic. It was acclaimed from this set of people and people where even asked to avoid consuming amygladlin. Are they even aware that people have been eating foods that were made from apricot such as the marzipan? Many decades ago, nurses in the UK were often told to eat the nuts in found in the core of the apricot.

I'll be unveiling the truth in its entirety to you from an unbiased perspective. Not the gibberish and questionable rumours flying around today.

First thing first, there's a major misconception on the laetrile and amygladlin; amygladlin and laetrile do not mean the same thing. So many articles online keeps projecting this misconception further into the minds of people. some even believe that an apricot kernel contains Laetrile. This is a common error among writers. There's a significant difference between the use of natural amygladlin from apricot kernels. Laetrile is a concentrated synthetic drugs from amygladlin which is obtained from apricot seeds. On the 14th of February 2006, six practitioners highlighted their opinions. Two experts equally affirmed that B17 has an entity with no tangible resarch to back it up; hence, only greedy practitioners across Mexico indulged in using it.

But according to individuals like Ralph Moss and Philip Day, if you ask them they'll tell you that there have been over five different studies and researches conducted on animals and humans that solidifies the healing effect of the B17 on cancer patients. The only downside to this, was that Research on this is still very minute compared to other procedures. Regardless of this, Moss strongly affirmed that the research made so far yielded positive outcomes.

Oasis of hope clinic is a very famous clinic located in Mexico. The clinic utilizes several therapies to fight cancer, and one of these therapies is the metabolic therapy which involves using synthetic vitamin B17 pancreatic enzymes, intravenous Vitamin etcetera. I've personally spoken to Dr. Contrares, and so far there haven't been a single success story of a patient who solely consumed laetrile.

Of a truth, the CEO of oasis of hope are still operating in America, because they are neither greedy nor unethical; Rather they are known for providing ethical treatments to patients. People travel from different parts of America to the clinic regularly and the clinic is equally runs legal ads on the American streets and cities.

UK newspapers forwarned her citizens issued by the FDA and it read thus: "Cancer patients should keep in mind that apricot kernels- a suggested cure for cancer - can kill them". There  were however countless reports outside their territory stating that frequently consuming above twenty apricots can lead to very serious health problems. from the sources provided, none of these sources included a single evidence to support these claims.

FSA recommended a maximum of 2 seeds per day to be the safest daily dosage. an article published, highlighted that not only does the B17 cure cancer but also boost one's immune system.

Bitter Apricot seeds do not contain laetrile but amygdalin is found instead. Many people misunderstand the difference between these two:

(i) The Natural form of amygladlin is found in Apricot kernels in approximately 3%. No medical permission is required before eating it.

(ii) The Laetrile is a synthesised form of B-17, it is therefore a drug and is only administered to patients by medical experts. The drug is yet to be approved by the FDA since there are no concrete phase iii trials on the drug(laetrile).

(iii) B-17 should not be seen as a vitamin, as it has very minute similarities to the properties of regular vitamins.

(iv) Krebs, unambiguously stated that he has never seen nor heard of any person die from consuming excess apricot Fruit.

(v) Apricot seeds does not cure cancer but should only be used alongside other major therapies.

(vi) there's no detailed account or documentation of any one who got cured by taking laetrile alone.

Synthetic laetrile became a big cause of major arguments and misunderstanding between Orthodox medical professionals and alternative medicine experts. Unaccountable theories where consolidated by non-professional individuals. Some who where involved with pharmaceutical industries or had close contacts with big pharmacists erroneously added amygladlin in to the squabble.

A very notable personality who was featured in Health Academy live, A lady who told everyone of her remarkable recovery from liver and pancreatic cancer, as doctors had given up on her and sent her home to die in peace. The young woman has since setup a support group for cancer patients. Logging in to popular video sharing sites, such as video YouTube and Dailymotion you'll see a handful of testimonies with distracting reviews.

Today in the UK, vitamin B17 in its synthetic(laetrile) form is illegal, practitioners are not allowed to use it on patients. Although the synthetic form is available as tablet(500mg units) is taking as an intravenous drug. The laetrile was first banned in the USA in 1963 by the FDA and in June 2004.


No known drug or therapy have been confirmed to cure any type of cancer is believed that fishy professionals and individuals with little understanding of cancer acknowledge the B17 as a cure for cancer.

The road to ridding oneself of cancer is a long trip with many steps only singular drug can cure all by itself. John Boik of the MD Anderson cancer  center in Texas once said that no drug cures all cancer all of the time.


Just having too much of anything is detrimental to one's health in the long run. Excessive consumption of the B17 will definitely have negative effects on the body. Eating as high as fifty apricot kernels daily is debilitating to your liver and worst still highly dangerous to liver. The maximum kernels should never exceed 35 in one day(24 hours).

Nitrilosides are ingredients found in areas supporting vegetation, nitrilosides foods can be grown in such areas. Nitriloside foods include: alfalfa sprouts, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, barley, blackberries, quince, yams, brown rice, Lima beans, linseed, lemons, limes, walnuts etc.

Cancer is considered to be a disease of civilization by Sir Robert McCarrisson in the 1920s and John Dark M.D., It was recorded that for twenty years they carefully studied and observed the people of Hunzas and  the tribes of West Pakistan: not a single case of cancer was ever recorded among the people during that time frame. Dr. M. Navarro of the university of Manilla, made the same assertion with the Philippines race who ate cassava, rice, beans, and fruits of all kinds. Dr. Albert Schweitzer and V. Stefansson had the exact same result among the people of Gabon and Eskimos respectively. The diet of these tribes where all based on natural foods, unlike the synthesised foods found in stores and restaurants of civilized countries.


Cancer cells lack the mitochondria present in normal cells which is responsible for generating energy in the presence of oxygen. Due to this anomaly, cancer cells have to burn glucose in high volume; cancer cells equally have the glucosidase enzyme which is 3000 times the level found in normal healthy cells. The reaction between B-17 and this enzyme which will yield hydrogen Cyanide and benzaldehyde in the absence of this enzyme (glucosidase) an entirely different enzyme (Rhodanese) will be in site to render the B-17 harmless.

Unequivocal assumptions regarding people dying from Cyanide poisoning is unfounded according to Contrares.

The long overdue controversies surrounding this entity is a two-sided arguments. On the one hand, Experts and health professionals believe the claims are bogus and outrightly wrong. But on the other hand, individuals advocating for its inclusion and legalization are all pointing accusing fingers at the medical regulatory bodies, terming it "Another cover up in mankind's history". They believe that if eating apricot could cure cancer, pharmaceuticals and cancer treatment centers will be sent packing indefinitely. This and many more reasons have been flying here and there.

Taking a closer look at the metabolic therapy packages been discreetly offered to patients by clinics, one will certainly notice that this therapy does not seem to have any research backing it up.

In conclusion, B17 might be worth giving it a try, it may as well not be worth your effort and time. As I am neither advocating for, nor am I denouncing it's healing effect. It as however come to a cogent situation that still needs further research and dedications to proof it's overall worth and potentials.

And like I'll always say, I don't believe the cure for cancer can be acquired solely from a single entity. In the metabolic therapy packages, experts such as Contrares believe it is an important part that must never be excluded. I for one will certainly not blame any individual who tries this method seeing how Orthodox procedures failed to cure him/her. Like Contrares affirmed including Apricot Kernels to one's daily diet is in fact a good practice. However, I have never in all of my 14 years of professional experience come across someone that got cured by merely consuming 50 apricots daily. And as seen on YouTube no one knows if only eating apricot kernels alone was solely responsible for such a patient's cure, or were the B-17 eaten along with other supplements and/or compounds that may have equally influenced/aided  in their recovery.  This is something that is still quite confusing, please do take your time out to watch these videos.