Is vitamin b17 greatest cover up in the history of cancer

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It is now becoming more and more obvious:  there are certainly other cancer treatment methods aside from the traditional Orthodox treatments which seems to be yielding positive/negative results.

Quite a number of these alternative treatment procedures are not getting the much deserved public awareness and attention from media networks and medical bodies. In reality, the reverse is the case as some countries and states have already banned alternative cancer treatments making them all together illegal for any medical expert to practice. it is to be considered best practice for any individual interested in this treatment procedures to properly make indepth research As there are very little information on this subject due to insufficient funding assigned to their study.

The cancer industry prefer to turn a blind eye to these procedures, not even a single step to help people by sensitizing them with relevant knowledge on preventative medicine. To further fuel or calm doubts, the FDA banned the use of an essentially important vitamin(Laetrile) which have been proven to fight cancer cells, making it illegal in the USA.

Laetrile contains a high volume of vitamin B-17, which is found in Apricot fruits. The seed is fairly delicious and very edible, they contain amygladlin( an entity known to kill cancer cells).

Amygladlin contains three basic components: Glucose, Benzaldehyde, and Cyanide. Cyanide is a cancer destroying agents. Cyanide is an harmful compound that is dangerous to all cancer cells, This equally makes the laetrile substance dangerous to cancer. Studies have shown to us that the laetrile is quite harmless to cells  but very dangerous and toxic to cancer cells. This is very true as this same compound(Cyanide) is found in many fruits we consume daily and I don't think a case of almond or Apple poisoning have ever been reported.

You may be wondering if the B-17 has so much health benefits, how come it's not been administered to patients?

 Edward G. Griffin provided an accurate answer :" A control for cancer is known, and it comes from nature, but it is not widely available to the public because it cannot be patented and therefore is not commercially attractive to the pharmaceutical industry".

Several researches where conducted in regards the B-17 and one of these researches was spearheaded by Dr. Kanematsu sugiura, the award winning doctor, who has authored over 250 papers and a prominent entity at Kettering Cancer center: Took it upon himself to study Laetrile, he made an outstanding research using mice with malignant lung tumors, he discovered the laetrile yielded positive outcomes.  Mice who got only plain saline- the tumors spread between 80 and 90 percent of the mice, while a significant 10-20 percent spread was recorded in mice who had taken only Laetrile.


There were already notable findings and discoveries, on Laetrile, not to forget it's fighting properties that the Kettering Cancer center were no longer performing clinical trials, and in a swift moment, everything was overturned. The Center invited other scientist to conduct further experiments, and as soon as a success story was recorded it was quickly eliminated and buried. Scientist who initially supported the Laetrile treatment, started to alter negative comments, to the extent of accusing and negating Sugiura's findings even though nothing significantly changed.

Dr. Sugiura's close friend and colleague Ralph Moss, who knew of his findings on Laetrile, was caught in a tangled web of lies, he was torn between supporting the new found lie in doing so, will be saving his job and career or to to tell the absolute truth may refute his position as an employee in Sloan Kettering foundation. Moss decided to swallow the proverbial pill by telling nothing but the absolute truth at a press conference held in July 1977 and as expected, lost his job at Kettering foundation.

During the conference his exact words where :"The people on Sloan Kettering's board of directors consisted of  'who's who' type of investors in petrochemical and other corrupted industries. In other words, the hospital was  being run by people who made their wealth by investing in the worst cancer-causing things on the planet". To read more, please visit the link below

Laetrile maybe illegal in some countries, there are a few number of doctors who still treat patients with it illegally; Such and one person is Dr. John A. Richardson. Patients are been treated at his clinic in San Francisco, California and judging from positive reviews from satisfied patients you could tell it yielded much better results compared to other traditional ways of treatment.

The Laetrile is an unapproved cancer treatment , that the FDA may never unban in years to come and as such, medical practitioners are not allowed to administer it to any patient. Neither can it be purchased in USA, the supplement form are available for purchase.  Apricots and other sources of B-17 is still very illegal.

Note that using this method is at one's own free will and as such you and only you can be held responsible should anything go wrong along the way. it is highly recommended to look for a doctor who practiced laetrile treatment method to give you proper dosage and further instructions to be on a safer side.