A comprehensive analysis on how vitamin B17 cures cancer

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Before we commence, we need to have a clear, precise  and concise knowledge of a particular organic catalyst called enzymes. Enzymes help us to carry out effortlessly, basic and complex activities that the body can handle. One of the many enzymes is the rhodanese

This enzyme is present in all parts of our body, but absent in locations where cancer cells are located. Instead, a different type of enzyme called the Beta-glucosidase is found there, this enzyme is only found in cancer cells sites; it's presence means a person as a particular type of cancer in that location.

The B17 vitamins consists of 4 chemically combined substances, they include: The hydrogen Cyanide; Benzaldehyde, a pain killer; and 2 parts glucose.

When the B17 is introduced into a person's body, the enzymes called the rhodanese acts on it and breaks it down into Thiocyanate and Benzoic acid; these by-products provides healthy cells with great nourishment and in turn give rise to vitamin B12, a vital substance when in excess is expelled from the body as urine.

Studies have shown that the B17 does not last more than an hour and 30minutes due to the presence of Rhodanese acting on it. The cyanide is an harmless compound when taken in to the body together with other food and supplement, or in the form of laetrile.

It is a known fact that the B17 is 20 times less harmful to the body when compared to sugar.


In a scenario, where B17 in introduced into the system of a patient suffering from cancer. And as stated above, cancer cells do not have Rhodanese, due to this singular fact of cancer cells not having this enzyme to break the B17 down . Rather than we having the usual B17 and Rhodanese reaction process, there is a B17 and Beta-glucosidase is found in excess.

So rather than producing a B12 by-products, a poison is produced instead when both compounds (B17 + Beta-glucosidase) react. The cyanide and benzaldehyde found in the amygladlin will combine to produce a poison that will instantly kill the cancer cells. This entire process is called selective toxicity.

Note: only cancer cells are affected by this reaction.


We all know that the cyanide when In an uncombined state is harmful to a person's body system. But here we are gladly highlighting it's healing  potentials and power it poses over cancer cells.

Let us take a quick look at the bigger picture here, you should scroll back a couple of paragraphs to get a firmer grip of the subject at hand.

Now, hydrogen Cyanide is a compound that will never produce a poison in the absence of Beta-glucosidase, A chemical reaction that will produce this poisonous substance will not take place without this enzyme. To simply put: If Beta-glucosidase is not present in your body, harmful by product can never be formed.

Laetrile is found in cassava, strawberries, rice and other sources. We often consume these aforementioned food on a regular basis, and It has never been highlighted as a treat to human lives as no official reports as ever been made on the cyanide poisoning from vitamins B12.

Just like how we consume salt composed of sodium chloride (NaCL) without having to deal with any form of poisoning. Even though Na+ in its pure uncombined state, is a toxic substance if ever swallowed. Yet in the combined state with Chlorine is as harmless as pure water. Same principle applies to the vitamin B17.

Dr Krebs, stated sometime ago, that eating B17 seeds found in the seeds of fruits, containing B17 vitamins, when consumed along with the entire fruit, is sufficient enough for your body, you don't have to eat the seeds in large quantity.

He also affirmed that one apricot kernel per 10 lbs of body weight is known to be perfectly adequate and can act as a preventive block for cancer. To obtain a high concentrated form of the B17, the fruit has to be eating raw, this does not signify that the cooked version is utterly useless; no, the B17 vitamin cannot be easily destroyed by mild cooking.


One word:  Nature, the one true source of B-17  vitamins, although the vitamins has an unpleasant, bitter taste. Over the years, man as been able to modify and eradicate this taste through: cross breeding and others scientific evaluations.