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    Laetrile Vitamin B17 is a compound substance that has been employed as a remedy for folks afflicted with malignancy all across the globe. The name laetrile originates from two terms: Laevorotatory, Mandelonitrile Best product from cyto pharma 100 tablets

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    It has been ascertained that the exceptional native Hunsas community living at the bottom of the Himalayas survived to very long ages prior to their demise. It has been discovered that apricot pips are very much utilized in their food regime, holding elevated levels of vitamin B17, which are trustworthy for having a say in no malignancy confirmed in this...

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    Vitamin B17 is a material which is a derivative of apricot kernels. Lawfully it can’t be vended as a remedial medication, but it is accessible as a dietary supplement online as well in the food stores. Laetrile is employed as one of the unconventional remedies for malignancy given that it toils on all sorts of malignancies. Tumor associated pains are...

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    Vitamin B17 laetrile is a to a certain extent imitation form of the biological material Amygdalin. Apricot seeds are an indispensable supply of cyanogenic glycosides and laetrile that is well thought-out to be a type of therapy for malignancy. Best cyto pharma preventive product 100 tablets

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Cyto pharma vitamin B17

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Our word of honor is to utilize worthwhile Vitamin B-17 of biologic status that assures the finest and genuine variety of Vitamin B-17).  We utilize the finest and the most advanced procedures and tools for the purpose of pulling out as well as for the purpose of manufacturing.  Our ambition is to generate no more than the most excellent biotechnological products of premier worth, at reasonable costs.  We have more than enough merchandise in reserve, which is all set for speedy dispatch to our worthy consumers and patrons.